Thursday, August 26, 2004


Christopher is getting his room at home re-decorated.

He  has chosen a Nautical theme.

I have our home decorated in a Nautical theme for the summer and have many boats, light houses and other nautical items all over the house.

Christopher was over last week and told me about his room as he was eyeing all of my Nautical stuff.

He picked up a boat and said, Bama this would look really good in my room. It is an expensive boat and I told him we would have to find something else. He looked and looked and found a big lighthouse that I have on a table. It too is very expensive.

He picked it up, looked at me and said.

Now Bama, This would really complete my room!

I said Christopher, we'll just have to keep looking!!!!

I gave him several things that he could take and use in his room.

It was hard...not to give in and see my boat and lighthouse leave!

Bama   aka  Mary Louise

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Jordan...9 years old




Jordan came to the house on Thursday to tell me all about it.

She was so excited and had several requests.

Bama...Can I take the Mudd Mask stuff that you used on my face when I spent the night with you?

Bama, Do you have any pretty finger nail polish that I could take? We will probably want to paint our  finger nails and toe nails.

Do you have any pretty hair clips and stuff?

My first grand daughter is growing up fast.

We started our Slumber Party Stuff Hunt!

She went through my fingernail basket and took anything that sparkled, was bright and wanted the RED polish most of all!!!

We found everything that she needed for a party night.

Her Mom said the party was a success and that they stayed up all NIGHT! Ha ( I remember those day's).

She also said that she should have supervised the mudd mask hour a little closer. The girls got the mudd on everything but their faces!

All in All the party was a fun event in Jordan's life and she will remember it for a long time.

I Love You, Jordan!

Bama  aka  Mary Louise

Thursday, August 19, 2004



Melissa and the children arrived safely in Missouri on Tuesday.

The children started to school on Wednesday.

Michael told me last Sunday that he was scared to go to school.

Melissa said that she took Lauren to her 1st grade room. Lauren had a death grip on her arm. The teacher was kind and introduced Lauren to the class and took her to her seat. Melissa asked her if she wanted her to stay for a while. Lauren waved her Goodbye with a huge smile.  All will be well there.

Melissa took Michael to his 2nd grade room. Melissa asked him if he wanted her to stay for a while and he said... He looked up at her and said,You can if you want too! This was the boy who was so scared on Sunday and still was, I think but he would Never let the other children know that he had a care in the world!!! A Little Manly Man.

They love their new house and there are alot of children their ages in the community.

They will all be just fine but my heart is still a little cracked. It will also heal...with time.

I miss them so...

Bama   aka   Mary Louise

Monday, August 16, 2004


The "cousins" as they call themselves had the last swim together for a while yesterday afternoon.

Melissa, Mike, Michael and Lauren are moving 10 hours away today!

Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for all of us.

The children had a good time swimming and playing together and will not see one another until Christmas.

Before they left, Michael, Lauren and I went to the pond to feed the fish. Michael made me tear up with this request.

Bama, can I find some rocks from your yard to take to the new house with me?

Sure, I said and the three of us, armed with baggies set out on our rock find quest. They each found a baggie full of colorful pebbles.

Now, Michael said, I will put these rocks in a glass and have a little of your yard in my room.

I teared up and said, Yes you will and every time you look at them they will tell you how much Papa John and I love you!

He looked up at me and smiled and hugged me hard.

I will miss Michael and Lauren, Melissa and Mike so much!

Bama   aka  Mary Louise

TOP: Cameron, Lauren, Caleb,

Jordan, Christopher, Michael

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I'm still not sure how he grew up so fast!!!

While I was visiting in Santa Barbara, Ross took care of me!

Roles are reversing and it feels nice!

Bama aka   MOM

Sunday, August 8, 2004


Papa John mentioned to Jordan one day that he wished he had some frogs for the pond.

Last night...Jordan called with the good news.

She had caught 7 frogs for our pond. They were on their way over to our house for the big Frog Release!

She was proud of herself and we enjoyed watching the frog jump into the water and find a place to sit!

Thanks...Jordan ( our future vet)

Bama  aka  Mary Louise

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


The they call one other, have been a group since birth. They have always done things together.

Michael and Lauren will be moving 10 hours away in a few weeks.

It will be difficult for "the cousins" to adjust. They have cried about the breaking up of the group. I have cried about the breaking up of the group!

A part of growing up is learning to adjust to situations beyond our control.

This parting of "the cousins" will be a hard, useful lesson for all of us.

We will miss you.... Melissa, Mike, Michael and Lauren!

My Love goes with all of you to Missouri!


Bama  aka  Mary Louise

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


I talked with Michael on Sunday about their move to Missouri in the middle of August.

They will be 10 hours away from us instead of 1 hour.

I asked Michael if he was excited about the move and his big, new house.

He said he was but then said;

Bama, it's gonna be hard on me.

I asked why and he said, I won't know anybody and they might not like me in school.

So much for the thought that children do not have any worries!

I Love You, Michael and believe it or not...It will be O K in time.

I will miss you so much!


Bama   aka  Mary Louise