Thursday, July 28, 2005


Four of our grandchildren came over last sunday to swim.

We had a great day and even went to KFC to get chicken for supper.

That was a real treat because we don't do the KFC thing much anymore.

I am glad that they live close enough to come and swim. It is fun to watch them and my husband and I wish that we had just a forth of their energy!

We have Sunday afternoons open every summer for a family afternoon of fun, sun and swimming.

Bama   aka  Mary Louise

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


My daughter and her 2 children are on the road. They left this morning driving from Missouri to Santa Barbara, Ca.

It is a 3 day trip and I am worried about the day through the desert.

Please keep Melissa, Michael and Lauren in your prayers.

I'll let you know when they arrive.

Bama   AKA  Mary Louise

Saturday, July 16, 2005


A friend of mine told me this story about his 7 year old daughter.

They had friends over for dinner one evening. They were ready to sit down to dinner when he noticed his daughter working busily on  a book in the corner of the room.

He walked over to ask her to wash her hands and come to the table.

What he found when he reached his daughter was an encyclopedia book opened and a picture of the world had been torn out and ripped into tiny pieces.

He asked his daughter why she had torn the picture from the book and she started to cry and said she was making a puzzle.

He told her that she could not come to the table and eat until she had taped the pieces back together and put them in the book. He gave her the tape and told her to get started.

He figured that it would take her most of the evening and she would miss dinner.

About 5 minutes later his daughter came to the table. he was sure that she had not completed the task, so he asked her to bring the picture of the world to him so that he could see it.

She slid off of her chair and came back and handed him the picture of the world and it was complete and in the right order.

Amazed, he asked her how she had put the world back together so fast!

Well Daddy, she said.

On the other side of the world is a picture of a man. I knew that if I put the man back together...The world would be put back together too!

A child's mind..... not cluttered by the way an adult would have gone about the project of putting the world back together.

Bama    AKA  Mary Louise