Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Caleb is the last of our Grandchildren. He is 2 1/2 years old.

He doesn't have much to say yet.

He is such a loving little boy and a joy to be around.

He likes to cuddle as I read stories to him.

When he is here, he just walks around and watches everyone. He doesn't like to swim in the pool yet. Doesn't really like water but he will learn to swim this summer just like all the other Grandchildren.

You will hear a lot more about Caleb as time goes on.

Bama AKA Mary Louise

Sunday, March 28, 2004


Michael and Lauren were visiting one weekend and John and I decided to take them to the Dairy Queen.

When we walked to the window to order, Michael and Lauren spotted PokeMon dolls. They got very excited and asked if we would buy them.

John and I looked at one another and said, why not!

We bought the ice cream and the PokeMon dolls and started home. There were giggles from the back seat as they played with the PokeMon figures.

Then Michael said, Thank you Bama and Papa John for the PokeMon dolls.    Our Mother and Daddy WON'T allow us to watch them on T V.  They wouldn't  even let us have the dolls. They said they didn't think they were a good influence!!!!!!!!

John and I just looked at one another and burst out laughing.


Bama AKA Mary Louise

Saturday, March 27, 2004


While on a road trip through the mountains...Michael announced from the back seat...

HEY, My Ears Just Turned Back On!!!


Bama AKA Mary Louise

Friday, March 26, 2004


Our Daughter, Son-in-law, Michael and Lauren went to Europe. While visiting Paris, they visited the Eiffel Tower one evening to watch all the lights come on.

While waiting, Michael grew restless and kept asking when the lights would come on. Finally, he turned to his parents and said, I'm not waiting any longer. I'm going to count to 3.

He counted, 1, 2, 3 and as if by magic...The lights all came on when he said 3....

He turned to Melissa and Mike with a surprised look on his face and announced....



When Jordan was 6, her Dad took her to her first funeral. It was for his Great Aunt. He thought it woud be a good learning experience for her and afterwards, they could talk about it.

He took her to the casket and let her touch his Great Aunt's face.

Later, I was talking to Jordan and I asked her about the experience.

BAMA....Jordan, what did you think about the funeral?

JORDAN... Well Bama, it was sad. We sang long, sad songs. I got to touch her and she was hard!

BAMA...She was???

JORDAN...Yep...Hard as a rock!

BAMA...How did she look to you?

JORDAN...Well, Bama, She looked DEAD>>>DEAD>>>DEAD!!!!!!!


Thursday, March 25, 2004


I answer the phone the other day and it is Lauren ( 5 ).

Hello Bama?

 Lauren? Yes.

Hello Lauren, How are you?

Not good, Bama! Not good at all!

What's the matter, sweetheart?

Voice very little and shakey..

Bama, I can't find my Poly Pocket dolls!!! Do you know where they are?

(We live an hour away from her and the last time that I saw her Poly Pocket dolls was in December).

I told her places that she could look and she seemed satisfied.

It is nice to have a little person think that you have all the answer's!


Christopher asked....ARE YOU OLD?

Christopher ( 5 ) asked me this...

Bama, Are You old?

Yes, I said but that is not a bad thing. When you get old you get very wise!!!!

Christopher...Yeah..You get very wise and  very Dead!



Jordan was 4 when this happened.

We were sitting around the table after a family dinner. We were sharing stories and laughing. I said; that just cracks me up!

Jordan flew to my side and with tears in her eyes said; Oh Bama, please don't crack up!

I explained what I meant by saying that and her reply was...

You said you were not cracking up BUT You Are!!!

I asked why she thought that..

She said, cause when you smile, Bama...There are cracks all over your face!!

So much for feeling good about my appearence!

Mary Louise AKA...Bama


Jordan (9) called yesterday with excitement in her voice...

Bama, guess what? My butterfly has come out of it's cocoon! It was amazing. It has white wings and it is drying them off right now. I named it Snowflake because of it's white wings.

Bama... Will you take it outside and set it free?

J...yes, but not today because it needs to dry and get used to being born.

J...I love you, Bama and it's been lovely talking with you!