Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I just know that I will receive a grandmother award from Michael and Lauren soon!

They were the only children with NO Grandparents at Grandparents day at their school.

I talked to each of them on the phone during the festivities and they sounded so disappointed.

Lauren said;  Bama....I thought you would come........

I felt about an inch high ...if that high!

I explained that we lived 10 hours away now but little people whose hearts are hurting do not know distance.

They only knew that Bama & Papa did not come to Grandparents Day.

They only knew that other children's Grandparents were there.

3 Cheers for us! We feel bad...

I hope they are happy because they reduced their Bama to tears!

 Next year!  I'll plan on being there!

Bama   aka  Mary Louise

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Cameron age 5

My daughter and her husband have set up a token systen with their children. The school that Cameron attends also has a "token" for accomplishment system".

If he preforms a task..he recieves a token as a reward and it is a big deal to get a token!

The other day, Cam asked his Mom a question.

Mom, he said...

Do you get a token for taking care of me?

Mom replied....

No, Cam, I take care of you because I love you. I do not get tokens for taking care of you.

Cam broke into a big smile...he seemed relieved.

He thought that his Mom took care of him to get good conduct tokens...

Now, he knows that his Mom takes care of him...

Just because she loves him.

Bama  aka  Mary Louise

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I was in a store the other day. A mother and her son were walking down the isle. A little boy about 5 or 6 was chatting away as he followed his Mother.

He had a new action figure in his hands and was telling his Mom all about it.

As he talked past me, I had to laugh when I heard him say...

You know, Mom, I can be a hero too and save the world.

His Mom said; Do you think that you can save the Whole world?

Well, the little boy said; Maybe not the big world where you live but I can save the Little World.... Where I Live! 


Out of the mouth of Babes!

Bama   aka   Mary Louise

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Lauren (6) called last night.

She had an assignment for school and wanted to interview her Papa and me.

She asked our first names, our favorite food, our favorite book and other questions. It was fun to hear her small voice try to sound so grown up.

This assignment was for Grandparents Day at her school.

I wish that we could be there but they live too far away.

She has asked an older couple who live down the street, to go in our places as her Grand friends.

I think that is very nice.

I miss Lauren and her bubbly personality. I miss having the family close but they are very happy and that is what really matters.